How I Recovered From Creeping Out My New Neighbor In The Hallway

What's the best approach when first meeting a new neighbor in your residential area or apartment complex to initiate a positive interaction? This video illustrates three easy steps, by which you can introduce yourself as an interesting and affable acquaintance who the neighbor will likely look forward to running into again:

1) Break the ice with an empathetic comment, calling on your observations of the person to "get inside their head," and bring up a topic which is likely to strike a personal chord of interest. This can be very mundane, such as a remark about your apartments, the elevator which you may be sharing, or even, (gasp!) the weather.

2) If the response you receive is communicative and contributes toward extending the conversation, continue the interaction in a comfortable, low-key, good humored manner.

3) When it feels right to end the visit, politely say good bye with a "nice to meet you," or "have a good rest of the day." A pleasant, but not over the top or creepy smile should accompany this brief and understated farewell. One major caution---Do NOT ask a woman who you meet for the first time in your apartment or townhouse complex specifically where she lives.

This is intrusive and discomforting in today's world, and is to be avoided. If you mistakenly do ask this question, just be open and honest and back off from the inquiry with a short word of apology. --

Laughter When Trump Slams Reporter With THE SAME QUESTION 8 TIMES over Shutdown!

When a White House meeting turned towards the government shutdown, Donald Trump faced off with ABC's Jon Karl. Trump literally asked the exact same question to him 8 times in a row in 26 seconds. In this video, we'll analyze the body language, sub-communication and other aspects of this display.

Just Say "THIS" To a RUDE DRUNK (To put them in their place)

When someone gets drunk and acts rude to you, what do you do? Maybe you're at a holiday party or home with your family, it can be a very delicate situation.

When handled correctly, it can position you as a confident leader. When handled poorly, it can escalate out of control!

Donald Trump VS Beto O'Rourke: ALPHA BATTLE Analysis

Donald Trump VS Beto O'Rourke, who has come front and center on the national stage of politics since his close loss to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senatorial election. Let's take a closer look at what Beto has done both right and wrong since his emergence as a potential political star.