Just Say This Sentence EXACTLY To Get $3,000

It may sound strange but there's a single sentence you can say that can significantly make you more money, without any more effort or time from you.

How do we get that salary figure which we certainly want, and feel we are worth?

This same question can apply to both our present job, where we often are not earning what we desire, or to a new position for which we are currently negotiating.

And, the answer to what the most logical, effective, time-saving method of raising our pay is exactly the same---Ask.

Most people are reluctant to ask for higher wages, and, even when they take the plunge and do so, they come across as supplicative, weak and unconvinced of the credibility of their argument.

Or, on the other end of the continuum, are those who demand more money is an offensive, ham-handed manner which drips of a air of entitlement. Instead, we need to follow a couple of simple steps in discussing a raise, or a higher starting salary with a new employer:

1) First, tell the hiring officials how appreciative you are for your current job, or new job offer, and how excited you are to either keep doing great things for the boss, or to take on that new opportunity.

2) Then, pivot calmly and confidently to the salary issue at a moment which feels right, and ask politely (yet confidently) whether there might be some flexibility of moving you to a higher salary figure. Don't be vague; identify the specific amount which you believe fair and desirable.

3) Finally, provide definitive rationale for why you believe a higher wage is warranted. For example, note a few (not several pages) of your accomplishments and contributions to the company if you now on staff. If interviewing for a new job, laying out the higher cost of living for you and your family of relocating for the new position would be appropriate. Do not just float out a request for higher pay without any concrete reasoning which supports you.

Just Say "THIS" To a RUDE DRUNK (To put them in their place)

When someone gets drunk and acts rude to you, what do you do? Maybe you're at a holiday party or home with your family, it can be a very delicate situation.

When handled correctly, it can position you as a confident leader. When handled poorly, it can escalate out of control!


Your voice, when properly used, is a powerful tool which can dramatically influence others, and even impact their behavior for your benefit. An authoritative voice incorporates the following characteristics:

---A resonant, low-pitched tone

---A comfortable yet varied rhythm of your speech

---Appropriate cadence of the delivery

---Strong volume

---A confident, commanding voice quality

This video focusing on a recent fascinating social experiment demonstrates different outcomes depending on whether one utilizes a strong voice versus a weak, ineffective delivery.


Everyone is irritated when another person talks over their conversation, projecting that what they have to say is more important, and by extension, that they are higher status than you. There are three effective techniques you can assimilate to counteract this aggravating habit when you are the recipient: To see how I make my video's click here: https://goo.gl/WFMcXA 1) Simply stop the conversation and address the rude interruption.

👉 ---Say This Line VERBATIM to Introduce Yourself to ANYONE (No Matter How High Status)

How does one approach a high status target whom they have never met at a business or social event to initiate a conversation? We all know that many others will be seeking their attention at the same time, so how do we stand out?

👉 1 Secret To Get HIGH STATUS Friends (Like Elon Musk & Tai Lopez)

Think back to a time when you were at a social or business event when another person who is high status (owner of the business, well-known successful individual) or physically dominant in stature, entered the room. How does nearly everyone else react to their presence?