Be THE GUY EVERYONE KNOWS by Using: "The Confident Call Out"

Would you like to be "The Guy That EVERYONE Knows? "The individual who makes a comment or initiates an interaction which sets you apart from others in that same social setting? You can accomplish this by calling out or noting something in a given situation that most other people do not have the confidence or competence upon which to comment.

Never Be Embarrassed Again! The High Status "Twisted Leverage" Technique

Being embarrassed is a terrible feeling but it happens to all of us from time to time. In this video, you'll learn how to not only recover from a public embarrassment but leverage it to look better than if it never happened at all.

Are You Truly HIGH STATUS?? Take the Test And Find Out

Are you high status? How good are your social skills? Are you ready to put your high status to the test? In this video that's exactly what we're gonna do! TLDR: I got upgraded to an emergency row seat (extra legroom) without asking.

How To Stand Tall - Like A HIGH STATUS Man (And Make People Respect You)

People begin sizing you up and assigning you certain attributes, positive and negative, when they first see you, even before interacting. We want to do everything we can to ensure that others assume we have favorable characteristics, as they will start to filter what we later say or do through that lens they form when first seeing us.

FAKE CONFIDENCE EXPOSED! The Sneaky Way Your VOICE Is "Telling On You" (And How To Stop It)

Studies clearly show that your tone of voice has a dramatic impact on how you are perceived by others. Our tendency when interacting with others, particularly those in an authority or decision-making position, is to use a weak, high-pitched, submissive tone which just cries out that we view ourselves as having a lower social status than the other person, who wants to avoid any hint of aggressiveness or a confrontational posture.