How I Recovered From Creeping Out My New Neighbor In The Hallway

What's the best approach when first meeting a new neighbor in your residential area or apartment complex to initiate a positive interaction? This video illustrates three easy steps, by which you can introduce yourself as an interesting and affable acquaintance who the neighbor will likely look forward to running into again:

1) Break the ice with an empathetic comment, calling on your observations of the person to "get inside their head," and bring up a topic which is likely to strike a personal chord of interest. This can be very mundane, such as a remark about your apartments, the elevator which you may be sharing, or even, (gasp!) the weather.

2) If the response you receive is communicative and contributes toward extending the conversation, continue the interaction in a comfortable, low-key, good humored manner.

3) When it feels right to end the visit, politely say good bye with a "nice to meet you," or "have a good rest of the day." A pleasant, but not over the top or creepy smile should accompany this brief and understated farewell. One major caution---Do NOT ask a woman who you meet for the first time in your apartment or townhouse complex specifically where she lives.

This is intrusive and discomforting in today's world, and is to be avoided. If you mistakenly do ask this question, just be open and honest and back off from the inquiry with a short word of apology. --

Why Everyone Loves Chris Pratt: His "LIKABILITY" Formula EXPOSED!

Chris Pratt is both a celebrity and a likable guy, which is AMAZONE. Most actors come across as pompous and cocky but he has a way of being relatable to both men and women alike. In this video, we uncover a "formula," that he repeatedly uses to gain peoples comfort, trust, and admiration.


What makes you happy in life? Money? Fame? A large number of young people who were asked that very question responded that financial wealth and personal prominence were at the top of the list of what determines our satisfaction in our lives. However, a comprehensive 75-year study revealed that this is not necessarily true.

How To Be The Perfect Amount Of JERK (Why ALL PEOPLE LOVE IT)

Is there anything at all which "jerks" do well in their interaction with women? Yes, they actually show backbone by refusing to agree with every comment or opinion expressed by the person with whom they are conversing. This does not mean that we should emulate jerks in talking to a woman, often trashing nearly every point they bring up.

👉 ---Say This Line VERBATIM to Introduce Yourself to ANYONE (No Matter How High Status)

How does one approach a high status target whom they have never met at a business or social event to initiate a conversation? We all know that many others will be seeking their attention at the same time, so how do we stand out?